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SKM at Pullman, Washington State

For the next couple of years SKM studied molecular and biochemical responses of plants to stimulii under Dr. Clarence Ryan who is considered an expert on the subject.

SKM's times in Pullman allowed him to work on state of the art equipment and exposed him to molecular biology techniques that were of great use during the latter part of his working life. He impressed his Professor and lab mates considerably with his intellect and persevering, never say die attitude. Click here to see what some of his colleagues at Pullman had to say about SKM.

After a couple of years at Pullman SKM began to feel that he needed to go back to India to "do something for the country" so he made his way back to India which is when MAHYCO offered him the opportunity to join them in their pioneering private sector biotechnology efforts. SKM then returned to Pullman to complete his commitments there and return to India to join MAHYCO.